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Step Up Community Build Program

Do you know a deserving family in need of a renovation?

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What is Horizon’s Step Up Program?

Step Up is Horizon’s way of giving back to our community in a very personalized way. Specifically, we’re aiming to help youth and families in our community by using our building expertise to make a difference. That’s why we’re offering renovations at no cost to one or more families where an aspect of their living environment is adding to their challenges.

What kind of renovation and for whom?

The type of renovation we might do could range from a simple bathroom upgrade to a larger project with broader scope. Anything that removes barriers for families (including foster families) with children under 16 living in greater Victoria will be considered.

Some potential examples:
  • A new ramp and wider entranceway to accommodate a wheelchair or other mobility aid
  • Adding a curbless shower, lower counters, and new toilet to make a bathroom more accessible
  • Designing and building a quiet room for an autistic child or remodeling a space to better meet the needs of someone with ADHD
  • Transforming space into a new bedroom or bathroom to accommodate a new member of a foster family

If you are unsure whether you qualify email us. Or apply online. We are flexible and want to hear from families about their needs and wants. Get more details here

Why did Horizon create Step Up?

Great charity work is already happening in our community, from helping youth with employment to homelessness to addiction recovery. But there isn’t as much support to specifically address challenges in the home environment. Because the home environment is so important to a person’s success — and since building to meet specific needs is what we do best — we decided this was where we could take leadership. Our goal is to augment, rather than replace, the excellent work already taking place in our community. Please share this page and help spread the word.

How do I apply?

Before applying, read the complete program eligibility requirements. The application must be filled out by the youth or their parent/guardian.