Municipal Building Consulting

Horizon has earned a reputation for collaboration, ingenuity, and turnkey service when obtaining building permits and complying with commercial building codes. We are your municipal building consultants.
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Define and refine.

The traditional approach to a commercial building project is to start by hiring an engineering firm. Unfortunately, this can lead to costs that can quickly get out of control. Engineers, and other project consultants often want to limit their liability by replacing everything which increases their compensation as a percentage of the total project cost. Our priority is to find creative, cost-effective ways to minimize your costs and liabilities while complying with building codes and municipal zoning and bylaws.

Turnkey management.

Unlike other contractors, we focus on an end-to-end building permit and zoning strategy that matches your future goals. We are building consultants in the truest sense of the word. Your project success is our success.  In our feasibility analysis, for example, we’ll factor in other business opportunities like subleasing, that may impact your application. We’ll then coordinate the plan certifications, building permit applications, and building inspections that follow. If a variance is required, we will negotiate with the municipal authorities on your behalf. This turnkey service not only streamlines permit approvals, but also makes it easier to do long term planning for your commercial property.