Custom Homes

Horizon collaborates with you to bring your custom home vision to life.
With 30 years building experience, we’ll guide you from thought to finish.

The Horizon Experience

Whether you bring in a custom home designer or we refer you to one, we’ll guide you through the design + build process step by step. We'll help you understand the various factors that impact different design options, such as limitations of the building site and the cost of constructing a particular architectural style.

What Makes Us Different

Clients choose us for many reasons. One that we hear most often is because of our honest and straightforward approach. Other custom home builders may claim to make your experience “seamless and enjoyable,” but over 30 years we have found that every project is an emotional rollercoaster. Having an empathetic expert to calmly guide you through the highs and lows is where we really stand apart.
Being from out of town, I knew no one in Victoria when I started designing my custom home on a site near Elk Lake. Since I was only in town for a couple of days each month, I was a bit of a fish out of water. Horizon helped me overcome some costly mistakes, and guided me through some difficult decisions that saved me time and money in making my dream home a reality.
David Neale