Condo Renovation & Remediation

Condo stratas, co-ops, and property managers can trust Horizon to cost-effectively solve problems related to rain or water damage, mold, or structural distress.
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A trusted guide.

When it comes to a cladding or foundation failure, the first thing a strata, property manager, or tenant will often do is seek advice from an engineering firm. The problem with this approach is that it can quickly escalate the cost beyond the capabilities of the people paying the bills. That’s because some engineers want to replace “everything” in order to limit their liability, even when a repair makes the most sense. As a builder who has completed dozens of remediation projects, we have the expertise to understand when to make the call between replace and repair.


Defending your budget.

Scope creep is the bane of every condo remediation manager. That’s what happens when you have multiple interests competing to spend your money. Inspectors may demand onerous changes. Engineers may want impractical ‘best practice’ upgrades. Horizon is an expert at not only refining the scope of work, but also at keeping all the various parties on task, on time, and on budget.