Horizon specializes in large scale and luxury home renovations. As a top Victoria contractor, we’re licensed, insured, and highly experienced.

Don’t Compromise on Quality

We've built close partnerships with the best-of-the-best local cabinetmakers, metal fabricators, painters, tilers, masons, architects, interior designers, and other artisans — people deeply committed to quality and craft. Like us, they offer the highest standards in service and workmanship — without compromise.

Get Expert Guidance

A large scale or luxury home renovation usually involves a few trade offs. New building codes focused on improving seismic resilience and energy efficiency, for instance, can impact your design choices. Horizon’s project managers help guide this process to keep your renovation moving forward, on time and on budget.

Home Additions

Property in Victoria is priced at a premium, so home additions can make a lot of sense. Particularly if you live in one of those desirable “in-town” neighbourhoods where the homes tend to be older and the lots are larger.

House Raising

Are you in a neighbourhood where building down instead of out is the only option? Raising your home to get more height for a basement suite or luxurious retreat could be the perfect solution.

Heritage Restorations

We’re one of Victoria’s most knowledgeable and experienced contractors when it comes to restoring your heritage home. Do it right with Horizon.
Horizon knows the business, every aspect, the technologies, the materials, the people, the suppliers, the designers, the sub-contractors. The Horizon office staff and trades people that I have seen at work are not only competent, they are confident, accommodating, and fun to be with.
Val Pattee