What started as a balcony replacement concluded as a complete rebuild of this building’s exterior. Built in the late 1960’s, this building’s age and close proximity to the ocean meant the time had come for an update. This building has a twin building next door, which presents a good example of before and after the work.

Beginning as a balcony replacement project, inspections and exploratory work revealed further work was needed. To make the building more airtight, the slider doors would be replaced as well as the windows. The cladding and the roof were also replaced. The entirely rebuilt exterior resulted in a weathertight, modern-looking building that no longer looks dated. More critically, the building has improved its longevity and increased energy savings.

The exterior was found to be asbestos-containing so first the exterior was wrapped for the cladding removal. During this process, structural and other issues were discovered and addressed.

When it was discovered that the bottom half the building had no insulation, insulating those areas was added to the project scope. Through additional due diligence, it was discovered that the perimeter drains were clogged. When the drains were scoped it was revealed that the drains were not functioning, resulting in dampness leaching into the building. At the same time the foundation was weatherproofed to further protect against water ingress. A new front entry cover was also built.

All residents were able to remain in the building through the 14 month project. Through careful planning, the construction team as able to limit access to the living spaces to avoid disruption to the residents.

All materials were selected to provide a long-term, low maintenance solution while presenting an elegant exterior aesthetic.