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Lifting a house isn't for the faint of heart, but it can be less expensive than the alternatives. Learn why Horizon is your best option when it comes time to give your home a lift.

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Why raise your house?

Bigger space. Same footprint.

If you live on a smaller lot, raising your house could be a great solution to adding more square footage to your home. A finished basement is much cheaper to build than an addition or buying a new home. In addition, the local building authorities are less likely to deny your permit for a house lift. There are other good reasons to lift you home beyond the need to replace or repair a foundation. Houses are raised to improve the height of sewer and storm drains to prevent backflow flooding, and of course, to add a secondary suite.

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Plan your lift carefully

You’ll minimize delays and ensure success.

The success of your house lift will be largely determined before it gets off the ground. Proper planning for a house lift is crucially important, because it includes complex tasks such as disconnecting drains and gas lines, removing masonry chimneys, and applying for permits. Horizon will help you navigate the planning and permit process to minimize delays and ensure the best possible outcome.

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The importance of experience

Our proven track record is your guarantee.

A house lift has no room for error. Unlike other types of renovations that can be reversed, lifting a house requires precision skills and equipment to come off perfect. And while the actual house raising is relatively straightforward, the foundation, framing and finishing work that goes with it isn’t. Horizon raises several homes in the Greater Victoria region each year, giving us a proven track record that few other contractors can match.

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