• Awards: 2021 VIBE - Best Single Family Home Over 4500 sq ft

This modern open-concept custom home built on a heavily treed, steep lot seamlessly integrates the indoors with the outdoors.

Exterior finishes feature exposed concrete with warm wood accents so the home naturally blends into the woodland setting. Clean lines, subtle built-in storage and a deliberate lack of clutter satisfied the homeowner’s minimalist aesthetic while also creating space for the things an active family needs.

Building to maintain the trees on the lot, the original house design was rotated 180 degrees. Not only did this retain the Garry Oak trees, creating a nice balance of tree canopy and sunny spaces, that naturally fit with the lot shape. Integrating the house into this challenging lot created a large front and back yard, making space for a patio, terraced gardens and areas for entertaining and relaxing. A strong relationship between the indoor and outdoor space is important to the homeowners for this resourceful custom home build. Rich outdoor scenes are visible from every point in the house.

A variety of custom features express the homeowner’s personality without adding clutter to the design. The chain at the front entrance doubles as a water feature each time it rains, a nod to the home’s rainforest location. Additional details include corner windows and a window-lit hallway connecting the kitchen to the utility rooms. On the upper level, the hallway features eight-foot ceilings while the bedrooms feature 10-foot ceilings, creating a sense of invitation and opening up when entering those rooms. Clerestory windows throughout the top floor not only flood the home with light but offer views of the tree canopy.

To accommodate unique features, including floor-to-ceiling windows and a concrete exterior, this house is built like a house within a house. To span the house’s greater lengths steel is used to maintain the home’s structure while fulfilling the homeowner’s desires for an open plan.