This exquisitely appointed custom home is an utter original in the heart of the tony Uplands neighbourhood in Victoria BC.

Drawing inspiration from the most opulent country manors in Belgium, this 4200-square-foot home features an open and airy main floor, with custom lime fireplaces, wire-brushed ash floors, finely crafted crown molding. marble-floored bathrooms, and french doors separating the master bedroom, kitchen, and living rooms.

On each of the projects I had a detailed vision in mind of what I wanted. Horizon not only delivered, but refined and defined the vision at every step of the way.

Val Pattee

The landscaping of this luxurious mansion may be even more impressive than the interior. Grand French doors open onto an expansive concrete and flagstone patio leading to a beautifully landscaped backyard garden framed by multi-seasonal plants, including ferns, gary oaks, flowers, and box hedges.

Our clients for this project were retired couple Val and Joan Pattee, who have built and renovated three homes with us thus far.¬†View Val’s more recent luxury condo remodel.