• Awards: 2018 GEORGIE - Best Custom Home Over $3M

This large, modern home has warmth and livability built-in with cozy nooks and intimate spaces nestled throughout the house.

High windows and ceilings are part of this open concept custom home, letting a lot of light into the house. Details emphasize the home’s unique features including an entryway saltwater fish tank, expansive backyard living space and innovative kitchen design. Energy-efficient, the home meets Built Green Platinum standards.

Tim Agar, our home’s project manager, was (and continues to be) the difference maker. He shepherded us through some tricky design issues, as well as several challenges during the building phase.

Allison Fowler

This family lived on the property for three years before embarking on their custom home build. This gave them a concrete sense of how the elements impacted the site including light, wind and seasonal changes. By working with their knowledge of the property, the home could be customized to the lot’s unique features, maximizing natural light, solar gain and scenic views without sacrificing design.

This open design features high ceilings and large windows including clerestory windows to maximize light throughout the day. The intimate spaces spread throughout the home draw people through to the spectacular backyard.

Victoria’s mild climate makes functional outdoor spaces a must – and this family wanted a multi-functional space they could use year-round. The backyard kitchen and entertaining space are an extension of the indoors. Custom designed for the property’s waterfront location, the space is sheltered from the wind and enjoys plenty of sunshine. Folding glass doors create a large opening to the outdoor living space with an unimpeded view from the kitchen. The high peak over the backyard living area uses a steel skeleton under natural wood, making it extremely structurally sound and visually stunning. Douglas fir and western red cedar form a large canopy that is consistent with the home’s west coast design.

A hybrid air-to-water heat pump helps keep the carbon footprint of the house closer to that of a 1,500-square-foot house. Four heat recovery ventilation systems change air multiple times over 24 hours, ensuring exceptional air quality.