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Green building isn't always about spending more. Horizon will show the green alternatives that help you spend less and save more.

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Build Smart. Save Green.

Green building doesn’t have to cost extra

We believe in green building because it’s in our DNA. Unfortunately, most people think they can’t afford green building features. But an experienced builder knows that many green building practices cost little or nothing extra. And that’s where we shine — finding alternatives to traditional building practices and materials that don’t break your budget.

A healthy home uses healthy materials.

Some green techniques simply require a change in materials. Consider construction adhesive, for example. Unless you specify otherwise, most contractors will use the standard construction adhesive, a toxic product that will off-gas formaldehyde for the next 20 years. For the same price, you can use an equivalent product that will not off-gas at all, resulting in a healthier home environment for your family. Horizon has the smarts and experience to help you pick the right green materials that reduce your operating costs and protect your family.

Invest a little. Save a lot.

You can’t make smart long term decisions unless you know what your options are. Today, for example, almost everyone wants to have in-floor radiant heating in their home, but no one wants to drill expensive geothermal wells to get it. But new air-to-water heat pump systems can give you the same result, without the added expense. Another example is insulated concrete forms. They reduce construction waste by 90% and give you a foundation with an R38 insulation value instead of R12. Both of these are examples of how we can use our ingenuity to save you money.

Energy modeling reveals ways to save.

During the design phase, we recommend an energy efficiency study of your home. We’ll evaluate factors like how your house is oriented to the sun, and how roof overhangs can provide maximum shading in the summertime but still allow solar gains in the wintertime when the sun’s low in the sky. Another way that Horizon adds value before you build.

Pick the low hanging fruit.

To gain the benefits of green building without the added cost, you need to work with someone who lives and breathes it. Someone who can bring the right consultants on board, guide you through the process, and deliver the performance improvements of a Built Green, LEED home without emptying your wallet. That’s Horizon.

Get it all with Built Green

Built Green is a third-party certification program that shows the world your home has been built to a higher environmental standard. Choosing a certified Built Green builder like Horizon promises a healthier, more durable house with a lower environmental impact — and because of increased efficiency, there’s a reduction in monthly operating costs, rebate eligibility, and more.

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