Modernizing a Heritage House A Holmes Approved Renovation

As a home builder, you face a whole new set of challenges when tasked with renovating a heritage home. It requires you to be sensitive to the past, while keeping modern lifestyle choices (and building code requirements) in mind. And as you embark on the journey, you almost always find the flaws of past renovations upon peeling back the layers. This Holmes Approved Home Renovation we completed recently in the Fernwood neighbourhood of Victoria was no exception.

Built in 1892, this multi-level Victorian house had lived a number of lives before the current owners turned it over to us. It was a single-family residence, then a boarding house, and finally a multi-unit rental. The owners asked us to revive it to its former glory while adding a number of new features. You can read the full story on how we did it and the challenges we faced on the Holmes Approved Homes blog here.